AIMTEST™ – Advanced In-bore Marksmanship Training  Enhancement System for Tanks


AIMTEST™ is the gunnery training solution for tanks

Available for NATO standard 105 mm and 120 mm main gun battle tanks, as well as a variety of additional main gun systems ranging from 73 mm through 125 mm

Designed to meet military requirements and to bridge the gap between simulation and live-fire main gun ammunition training

End-users can expect substantially reduced ammunition costs, increased life span of main tank guns and reduction in requirements for a large-scale range

Ammunition costs are reduced by as much as 90% – allowing for rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

Functions downstream of vehicle system, installed on a “not to interfere” basis within minutes by a trained crew with no vehicle modification

Consists of three major assemblies:

     • Barrel Assembly

     • Bolt/Receiver Assembly

     • Fire Control System