Barrel Cleaning System


For 20 mm to 40 mm calibre

For 57 mm to 203 mm calibre
(available for larger sizes)

Pneumatically powered, the Barrel Cleaning System (BSC) suits both smooth and rifled barrels, mortars and launchers with a calibre of 20 mm upwards. The system is compact, easy to stow and virtually maintenance free. The system is compact easy to stow and virtually maintenance free. The BCS comprises of range of brushes and all necessary attachments to carry out weapon care duties across a wide range of weapon platforms, the equipment is stowed in a single hard case or soft bag depending upon the applications requirements.


The BCS has been developed to meet three key requirements:

     • Removal of firing deposits

     • Removal of inhibiting oil

     • Application of oil to a cleaned barrel


Its fast and effective one-man operation enables the operator to clean a large calibre weapon system in less than five minutes.