Radar System


ReGuard – 3D short range radar

ReGuard is a multi-purpose 3D radar for detecting and simultaneously tracking ground targets and slow, low-flying targets with a small radar cross section (LSS, UAV). ReGuard scans the space using electronic beam deflection. The radar can be supplied with a fixed or rotating base.

ReGuard is designed for two basic uses: either as a stand-alone sensor or as an integral part of a complex system. It can be adapted to the customer’s wishes and the nature of the object under guard, so it is highly suitable for solving various tasks.

ReVisor – short range radar

ReVisor is a surveillance radar designed especially for very short-range ground-based air defence (VSHORAD). It detects, identifies, and tracks air targets with a fast data refresh rate and the necessary accuracy, including low-slow-small flying targets (LSS), and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

ReVisor supports modern VSHORAD systems in their efforts to effectively destroy various means of air attack.

RL-3D – long range radar

The innovative RL-3DL is designed to provide long range surveillance and discovery of potential threats at a battery or superior level.

     • Surveillance mode
     • Early warning
     • Long range priority tracking
     • Fire control mode
     • Mid-course missile guidance
     • Air Traffic Control capability

ReTwis 5+ – through-wall imaging system

The ReTwis 5+ is a unique small, portable radar that detects living beings behind a wall or behind a non-metallic obstacle. Thanks to its technology, the radar can detect living beings both in motion and at rest.

Its small size, low weight and long operation period make the ReTwis 5+ a highly mobile device with many uses, especially in special police and army units.